Helpful Hints and Tips

Tips to Storing That Save You Time and Money

  • Store couches on end to save room.
  • Use furniture covers to protect your items.
  • Clear a path down the center of your unit to easily reach items.
  • Cushion fragile items and keep them towards the top so they don’t break.
  • Store valuable items towards the back to avoid tempting someone to steal.
  • Fill boxes to capacity so they don’t tip or collapse.
  • Store items you will need to access frequently toward the front of your unit.
  • Pack boxes evenly and fully.
  • Label boxes and keep a list of items in each box so you know where everything is placed.
  • Measure the length, width and height of the largest item that you will need to store. This will show you the smallest unit size you could take.
  • If you are storing the entire contents of your house, let us know how many bedrooms you have, as this a good indicator of space needed.
  • If you are storing everything in boxes, tell us the size of the boxes and how many you have, and we can estimate the size of unit that would work best for you.
  • Do not store anything flammable.
  • Take things apart, such as bed frames. It will help with space.

Box Calculator

Number of Bedrooms

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What to Store

Personal Property

  • Household furniture, appliances, patio furniture, hobby materials
  • Antique automobiles and furniture
  • Household moving – temporary storage
  • Apartment and condominium dwellers – storage
  • Yard and garden equipment, snow blowers, tractors, etc.


  • Stock materials … steel, wood, plastics
  • Manufacturing fixtures, machinery and tools
  • Sub-assembled and completed products


  • Automobiles, motors, snowmobiles, bicycles
  • Motor homes, campers, trailers
  • Motorcycles, overland vehicles

Retail Stores And Distributors

  • Excess stock inventories
  • Product displays
  • Truckload or bulk purchases
  • Files and records
  • Maintenance equipment and materials


  • Old files and records
  • Temporarily unused equipment and furniture
  • Convention or trade show displays

Building Materials

  • Aluminum siding, windows, doors, awnings
  • Construction lumber, nails, plywood, drywall, wall board
  • Plumbing fixtures, electrical wire and more
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